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Junior School Music room

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  • 25 Aug, 2017

Since the start of Term 3 the Junior School students have had their own dedicated music room. The room has been set up with instruments, storage for equipment and a practice space for music and performing arts activities. The room is also used as a practice space for the BalCC bands, Allegro and Crescendo.

This week the Year 3 class have been using the music room to rehearse for the Junior School production “All God’s Children” and practiced the Colin Buchanan song, “The Old Black Crow”. The students also spent time honing their performing art skills through improvisation with puppets.

“At BalCC the Junior school Music program consists of musical elements, drama, singing and music performance. The elements include beat and rhythm, pitch and melody, tempo, tone colour and texture.  The students really enjoy using a variety of percussion instruments to explore these elements. Improvisation, role playing and drama are explored as well. The students enjoy learning and performing special items for special whole school events.” Junior School Music Teacher-Jenny Jones

The Junior school production "All God's Children" will be held in the Multi-Purpose Centre on Thursday, 14th September from 6:00-7:15pm.  


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