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Year 8 SOSE Create their own businesses

  • By proadAccountId-382438
  • 09 Jun, 2017

The Year 8 Studies of Society and Environment (SOSE) class have been running their own businesses as part of their studies. Students commenced in Term 1 with a start up amount of $10 each and then brain stormed ideas and formulated business plans for their individual or group businesses.

Students have had to research and source products to sell, while others have made their own products. Some of the businesses have been selling loom bands, fidget spinners, confectionery and milkshakes, which can be purchased during lunchtimes or out of College hours.

Students are required to calculate mark ups on stock, monitor their stock levels, record all their stock and sale details, organise payments for goods purchased, and market and sell their products. After paying back their initial start amount of $10 students can keep any profits they make and if they wish can continue on with their business ventures at the end of Term 4.

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