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All God's Children-Junior school musical evening

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  • 15 Sep, 2017

 The Junior school musical evening entitled “All God’s Children” was held this week. Students from Prep-Year 5 performed in their class groups, along with performances by the Junior School Chapel band and choir.

Prep - The Prep class performed the song ‘Pharaoh Pharaoh’. This song tells the story of how Moses asks Pharaoh to let the Israelites leave Egypt. At the beginning, Pharaoh refuses to let the Israelites go but after God sends 10 plagues to Egypt, Pharaoh finally lets them go.

Year 1 - The Year 1 class have had great fun practicing their dance. Their polka was to the music of a song called ‘Troika”. In their performance they act out that they are dancing at the Transformation Church, which is made of wood and has 22 domes.

Year 2 - The Year 2 students chose Uganda as their ‘children of the world’ country and performed Watoto’s ‘Oh what love - Be Exalted’.

What does the word Watoto mean? Watoto is the Swahili (Ugandan) word for "children".  Watoto is a Church based organisation that cares for orphans and widows in Uganda. These children are some of the 2 million Ugandans who have been orphaned due to AIDS and war.

Year 3 - The Year 3 students performed a dance called 'Qui a peur du mechant loup?' (Who's afraid of the big bad wolf?). It is linked to the play 'Les trois petits cochons' (The three little pigs) that they are studying in French.

Year 4 - The Year 4 class performed a Spanish song called Chu Chu Ua. This entertaining dance song is very popular at parties. It is enjoyed by people of all ages in Spain and other Spanish speaking countries in South America. The song includes actions and is a bit like the Hokey Pokey that we know. The words ‘Chu Chu Ua’ don’t mean anything in particular, they’re just a sound like ‘whoa-oa’ in one of our songs.

Year 5 - ‘The sound of Australia is the didgeridoo’. The Year 5 class completed the grand musical tour of the world with a version of Don Spencer’s song, Digeridoo. Probably one of the most ancient instruments still in use today, the didgeridoo’s haunting and rhythmic sounds can be regularly heard within some of today’s popular and classical music. Don Spencer’s lyrics invoke reflection on the proud heritage that is Australian Aboriginal culture.

The evening was a great showcase of the Junior School student’s talents. A big thank you to all the Junior School teachers for working with the students on their items, all the helpers behind the scenes and a special thank you to teachers, Jenny Jones and Bianca Francica for co-ordinating the event.

Principal Michael Stewart with some of the Prep and Year 1 students
Prep – performed the song “Pharaoh Pharaoh”. Teacher: Michelle Collins
Year 1 – performed a polka dance to the music of a song called “Troika”. Teacher: Bianca Francica
Year 2 – performed a Watoto choir song entitled “Oh what love – Be exalted”. Teacher: Kim Blackshaw
Year 3 - performed a French dance called 'Qui a peur du mechant loup?' (Who's afraid of the big bad wolf?). Teacher: Georgie Stevens
Year 4 class performed a Spanish song called Chu Chu Ua. Teachers: Paula Glynn & Norma Higgins (absent from photo)
Year 5 – “The sound of Australia is the didgeridoo”. Teachers: Alan Kirkman and Julie Gall (absent from photo)
Junior School teacher, Jenny Jones introduces the Junior School band
Prep class
Narrators for the evening Year 4 students Jade and Samuel
Year 1 class
Year 2 class
Year 3 class
Year 4 class
Year 5 class
Junior School choir
Junior School dance group
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