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Art Show 2017

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  • 17 Nov, 2017
BalCC Arts and Technology Faculty Coordinator, Carol Clough pictured with Year 3 student, Ysabele.

The Multi-Purpose Centre was a sea of colour this week as the annual BalCC Art Show was held. The Art Show is an opportunity for students to showcase their work from throughout the year.

The evening was opened by BalCC Arts and Technology Faculty Coordinator, Carol Clough and she welcomed parents/carers and visitors by saying “We are pleased to share with you the work from Prep-Year 12 in Art, Studio Arts, Graphics, Visual Communication Design, Textiles, Woodwork, Design Technology, Lego, Systems Engineering and Cuisines of the World. In the Middle and Senior Schools these subjects are elective subjects. Most of these subjects require students to create a folio of exploratory work, which we just don’t have the space to display. I’m sure you can appreciate, the work exhibited here today, is only a fraction of the work actually created by our wonderful students.

We chose the theme “Metamorphosis” for this year, which by definition means – a complete change of form, structure, or substance, as transformation. Therefore in the Arts, metamorphosis can represent a change in form such as raw art or technology materials being transformed in to "works of Art" and wonderful creations.

This is a reminder and reflection of God, our Creator, the master creator, who formed us from raw materials and created us in His image, fearfully and wonderfully made, to also create.”

Thank you to all the teachers and staff who assisted with the Art Show, and to Georgie Stevens for organising the barbecue fundraiser for SPARSH and to Alan Kirkman for organising the musical entertainment. And a special thank you to Arts and Technology Faculty Coordinator, Carol Clough for coordinating another wonderful Art Show.  Congratulations to all BalCC students on their creative art works and in particular to the following students who received BalCC Art awards:

Art Show awards were presented to:

Prep – Duke and Evelyn

Year 1 – Jordan and Martha

Year 2 – Briannah and Mat

Year 3 – Emer and Leo

Year 4 – Isabel and Timothy

Year 5 – Skyzarra and Rylan

Year 6 – Sarah and Samuel

Year 7 – Alexandra, Joel and Remi

Year 8 – Elle-Mae and Nicholas

Year 9 – Jessye and Gemma

Year 10 – Laura and Joshua

Year 11 – Kristen, Mia and Hannah

Year 12 – Jeremy, Caroline and Genevieve

Art awards were presented to each year level – Kristen, Year 11 receives her award
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