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  • 16 Jun, 2017

This year has seen some significant changes to the staffing and structure of Music within the College, with the departure of the redoubtable Krissie Withers and with Ruthie Byrne taking on other duties within the College.

Junior School Music classes continue under the direction of Jenny Jones and there is now a dedicated Music room along with some new equipment. Alan Kirkman joined the staff at the beginning of the year and is teaching classroom music for Years 5-10.

BalCC’s Senior concert band, Crescendo has now taken on the form of a stage band and has already performed at several College assemblies and events. The Junior band, Allegro is developing steadily as a small concert band and is aiming to perform in public early next term. Both bands rehearse before school, meeting at 7.45am. Crescendo will continue to meet Wednesday mornings, and Allegro will move to Monday mornings from the beginning of Term 3. Both bands are keen to recruit new members, so if you are interested, please contact Alan Kirkman.

We are very fortunate to have five separate Chapel bands who take it in turns to lead the worship at assemblies. Bands are generally representative of single year levels, with groups from Year 12, 11, 10, Middle School and Junior School. Students are encouraged to become involved, and are welcome to use the College facilities at lunch times to rehearse.


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