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Crescendo band performs to Junior School

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  • 18 Aug, 2017

The Senior School stage band Crescendo performed to the Junior School this week. The performance featured a range of styles from Swing and Latin to Rock and Roll. The band has been rehearsing regularly on Wednesday mornings and has already performed for students at a full College assembly.

Also featured was the Year 8 Elective Music class who performed ‘Bucket Drum Two’. This is the group’s first outing and will hopefully be the first of many public performances.

The timing of performance at 3.00-3.30pm was selected to allow parents and families the opportunity to see the students in action at a convenient time. It is hoped that this initiative will catch on and allow for some regular ‘pick up time’ entertainment on a regular basis.  It was wonderful to see the Junior School students enjoying the music and getting up to have a dance around.

Music teacher, Alan Kirkman entertains Junior School students during the Year 8 Music Elective drum performance
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