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Excursion: Year 9 & 10 Textiles

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  • 20 Oct, 2017

This week the Year 9 & 10 Textiles students had an excursion to the Creswick Woollen Mills to see how fibres look in their original states and are then turned into the fibres used for weaving. Students also had the opportunity to see a giant weaving machine and learn about the commercial side of textiles productions.

Students enjoyed lunch and a nature walk at St George’s Lake. While at the lake the students were able to see the sources of the various fibres that are used in basket weaving.  The students then headed to the Creswick Neighbourhood Centre, where they were involved in a session with a local artist who demonstrated the techniques used in nuno-wool felting.

As part of the excursion students visited the Ballarat Base Hospital’s intensive care nursery to deliver a baby blanket they knitted during class. Students were able to see firsthand how their creations can be useful and bless others at the hospital.


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