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Middle School SRC reps badging

  • By proadAccountId-382438
  • 26 May, 2017

The Middle School Student Representative Council (SRC) representatives have received their badges at a Middle/Senior School assembly. The SRC facilitates leadership and decision making by all students within Ballarat Christian College. It is an important way to provide meaningful leadership opportunities for students and to promote a voice for students in school decision-making. The Student Representative Council is:

• Educational by developing skills in leadership and communication.

• Democratic because every student has a voice.

• Responsible for solving real problems and making real decisions.

• Sharing decision-making with the principal, teachers, other students and the school community.

• Caring about the College, what happens in it and to it.

• Fun and Rewarding for everyone in the school.

There are three branches of the SRC for the Junior, Middle, and Senior students. (Senior form the Senate). Students involved in the SRC have the opportunity to develop skills in leadership and communication and gain an understanding of democratic processes by being actively involved in activities that engage the College community as a whole.

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