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Motivational speaker, Preston Centuolo visits Senior School

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  • 02 Jun, 2017

Senior students heard a talk from motivational speaker, Preston Centuolo this week. Preston is a highly sort after communicator who has travelled to Great Britain, South Africa, Asia, USA and Australia to portray his message of hope to tens of thousands of young people at conferences, conventions, churches, chapels and school assemblies.

Growing up in a troubled home Preston was told as a child that he had learning disabilities and was dyslexic and would need to attend special learning classes. Although suffering from low self-esteem and bullying Preston went on to overcome his challenges and come out on top. Today he is the CEO of The Youth Alliance. Based in the USA, the Youth Alliance is a multifaceted, non-profit organisation that has a vision to reach, teach and empower students who have been chained by the conditions of addiction, poverty, shame, guilt and loneliness. It is their objective to instil a passion to succeed in the hearts of adolescents in spite of the prevailing negative environment of our current culture.

“Today’s youth are bombarded by messages of what it takes to be cool. I believe that teenagers need to find out who they are before they can make sound choices on their future. They need to know what they believe in, what they are good at, what their goals and dreams are. My message is aimed at helping kids figure out what their dreams are, giving them the inspiration to go after those goals, and then encouraging them to be true to themselves instead of sacrificing their goals to peer pressure, violence or victimisation. My hunger is to help youth overcome adversity. I excel at troubled kids, because I show them acceptance, love and respect. My goal is to inspire the leaders of tomorrow to overcome, whether there are problems in their home, their school or their neighbourhood. I want to make our community a better place to live for all of us.” Preston Centuolo.

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