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National Day of Thanks

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  • 02 Jun, 2017

Australia’s National Day of Thanks is a unique opportunity for Australians to celebrate and give thanks for our God given heritage as a nation, and to demonstrate the values of honour, respect, thankfulness and gratitude towards our fellow man. It is a day for Australians to pause as a nation and say thank you to God and to each other for those many things we often take for granted, those things that really make our lives worth living. Let us use this National Day each year to be a blessing to those who have been a blessing to us.

To celebrate this year’s National Day of Thanks BalCC students were able to enter a photographic competition entitled “Reflections of Thanksgiving.”   Photos were judged on technique, compositions, subject matter and impact.

Winners, Caleb (Year 11) and Zavier (Year 5) were awarded a certificate and a Canteen voucher.

Caleb’s photo of a Canola crop near Daylesford represented thankfulness for crops and harvests. While Zavier’s photo captured a spider setting up its web. Congratulations to both students.

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