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Orientation Day for 2018 Preps

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  • 03 Nov, 2017

This week we welcomed our 2018 Preps for their first Orientation day at BalCC. The students spent the morning doing craft activities, reading and singing with Prep teacher, Michelle Collins, before taking a tour of BalCC with the current Prep class.

While the new Preps spent the morning in the classroom, their parents and carers were able to take part in an information session conducted by Head of Junior School, Ken Nuridin.  The session provided information on BalCC, uniforms, banking and the Parents and Friends Committee.

The next Orientation day will be on Tuesday, 28th November and will be for all new and existing BalCC students.

Our current Prep class buddied up with the 2018 Preps to show them around BalCC
Head of Junior School, Ken Nuridin conducted an information session for the parents and carers, while the 2018 Preps spent the morning in the classroom as part of their first Orientation day.
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