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Parents & Friends Trivia Night

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  • 23 Jun, 2017

The annual Parents and Friends Trivia night held on Saturday, 17th June was a great success with approximately $2,800 raised for projects for BalCC.

Guests were treated to a night of trivia, mystery bags, games, prizes and auctions.

The P&F Committee would like to thank the following people for helping making the evening a success:

·      BalCC Business Manager, Simon Edwards for running the auction and trivia question rounds.

·      Peter McGilligan for running the Bible question rounds.

·      Sarah, Linda, Rodney, Chris for collecting donations.

·      Rhiannon for the fun games.

·      Sarah and Julie O’Connor for the amazing food that was on offer throughout the evening.

·      Rhiannon, Heather, Sarah, Chris, Hannah and Brooke for helping to set up and pack up.

·      All the families who contributed and/or attended the night.

·      The P&F Committee members for their continued support and dedication.

P&F is a supportive base that relies upon the commitment of both time and energy of volunteer Parents and other interested people. Meetings are held monthly and are open to all. It is at these forums where ideas are generated, progress is reviewed, new goals are set, and the nuts and bolts of projects being undertaken are planned. P&F is a team effort and everybody’s contributions are valued.

For further information, or to express interest in becoming involved in your Parents & Friends Committee, please contact Tania Duthie (Chairperson) via the College Office on 5337 5900, or email .

Parents & Friends Committee members greeting Trivia night guests
Guests put in their silent auction bids
Some of the tubs of auciton items - thank you again to all BalCC families who donated good for the auction
P&F Chairperson, Tania Duthie & BalCC Business Manager, Simon Edwards auction off items
P&F Committee Member, Sarah ran the kitchen for the evening. Guests were able to enjoy hot food, soup, dip platters, scones, fruit platters, muffins and other delicious treats.
The 2017 P&F Trivia night Wooden Spoon winners
The 2017 P&F Trivia night Winners
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