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BalCC students published in Shout magazine

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  • 11 Aug, 2017

Each year The Courier produces a magazine feature called, Shout. The feature is produced by a committee of secondary students from Ballarat schools. This was the first year BalCC has been involved with Shout with Year 9 student, Charleigh and Year 11 student, Kirra selected as our committee members.

Shout magazine is designed for young people by young people aged 14-22. The magazine is a collaboration of articles written by the students with the help and guidance of the editorial, advertising and photographic staff at The Courier. This gives students the opportunity to produce an article that will be published in The Courier and gives them valuable experience working in a professional media environment.

The students have been required to attend weekly meetings at The Courier offices during Term 2, with Charleigh producing a photography piece and Kirra a written article.  Congratulations to both students on their achievements.

“For the first time this year I collaborated with the school and The Courier with various other young people to create a magazine called SHOUT for the youth of Ballarat. My experience at SHOUT was great; I had loads of fun and made a lot of new friends, all while experiencing how it would be to be a journalist, and writing my very own article for the magazine. Every week I learnt something new as guest speakers came and our ‘mentors’, if you will, taught us how to write the most inviting articles. I learnt about others life experiences and what their articles meant to them, while getting to brainstorm and eventually write my own. In the end I’ve gotten to design every aspect of the article including the colour scheme, photos and even the font! It has been a great experience and I would recommend it to anyone who would not only like to write an article, but also share their drawings, photography or creative writing. At SHOUT I and everyone else was given complete creative freedom to write what we wanted, chose how we wanted it to look and even chose the overall theme of the magazine (which you end up doing a fancy photoshoot for). I would love to do it again and I invite anyone interested to have a go at it next year.”

Kirra Year 11

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