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Year 7-11 students attend GRIP Leadership

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  • 10 Nov, 2017

Recently all the Middle School Captains, SRC, and Year 10 & 11 Senior Senate students participated in a student leadership training conference  held at Federation University. Students had the opportunity to experience a number of effective leadership roles during the day’s activities and found out how best to model good student leadership in schools.

“The GRIP student leadership conference at Federation University on Thursday, 2nd November was a practical and highly interactive workshop for aspiring student leaders and those of us who were already in that position. This conference blew my mind with out of the box ideas for fundraising, ways in which to build integrity, transforming the effectiveness of a team and growing event participation, among others. GRIP gave us the opportunity to choose two electives of our choice within the program so that whatever we learnt was in our area of interest. These workshops used practical activities and stories to teach us how to be more effective in everything we do.

We met with other young leaders along the way and were encouraged to get their details after the conference. We were offered the opportunity to win a $50 iTunes voucher, and free fidget spinners were soon wiped out. We were given a little book to fill out throughout the day so that we would remember all the awesome things we learnt and between all the activities was this game called ‘Loud Noises’ where we could volunteer to go on stage and do silly games to build confidence, have fun and raise school spirit. We were taught how to make an impacting change in our society and were encouraged to think of a proposed change for our own schools.

After all the workshops we reflected on what we had learnt. I highly encourage the GRIP conference to any aspiring leader or people who want to learn how to make our school a better, more interesting place. I learnt so much and am sure to keep the filled book they gave me as a reminder of what I have learnt. The speakers were fun and used stories to teach us some key morals of leadership. GRIP changes every year and I would be ecstatic if I gained the opportunity to go once more. GRIP has inspired me to make a difference and equipped me with the tools to make my ideas a reality.”   Kirra Year 11

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