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Year 12 Retreat

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  • 16 Jun, 2017

The Year 12 students attended a two day retreat last week. Students heard from speakers from:

·      Ballarat Group Training

·      ACU

·      Headspace

·      Federation University-Christian Union

·      Young Workers Centre

·      RACV

·      Centrelink

·      The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS)

Covering the following topics:

·      Transition from Secondary to Tertiary studies

·      Careers readiness

·      Nutrition

·      Exam tips and resources

·      Career pathways

·      Apprenticeships

·      Applying the next steps in my career

·      Focusing on the work at Hand

·      Short and Long term goals

·      Mental Health

·      Creating resources

·      Art therapy

·      Resilience

·      Pathway planning

Ansu - Year 12 - "To tell you the truth the Year 12s were a bit sceptical about a retreat right in the middle of our school year. Many just wanted to study. We all managed to rock up to the Kardinia Church and we were very much impressed, amazed and inspired by the things that stood waiting for us. We started off with a session from Mrs Westblade, who taught us how important it was for us to let our light shine through. We played games, ate great food and the day quickly went by with presentations from other universities as well as some from our awesome teachers. The second day went great as well, we learned how to look after our body, mind and soul through these stressful times. We as Year 12s of 2017 would like to thank our teachers, Mrs Farquhar, Mrs Loader and Mr Loader whose hard work and persistence really paid off. We would also like to thank all those who attended and informed us of ways into university, what we can expect outside of school etc. We are also very grateful for God’s presence among us as we worshipped and glorified His name ."

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