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Prep Writings - Back Creek Farm excursion

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  • 11 Aug, 2017

As part of their Integrated Studies units and studies in sustainability the Prep and Year 1 classes visited Back Creek Farm recently.  Following are some writings from the Prep class about their day at  Back Creek Farm:

I went to a farm and I saw a pig and I saw chickens. Abbie

I liked when I went on the jumping hay. It was fun and big. Christian

At the farm I saw cows and lambs and pigs and chickens. Evelyn

At the farm I was going down the straw slide and it was fun. Oliver

At the farm I saw lambs in a cage. Joseph

I liked when I was sliding. Ezekiel

I went to Uncle James farm. I liked the chickens. Asha

At the farm I saw vans. I went on one. It was red. Phoenix

At the farm I went down the slide. It was fun. Kuoth

At the farm I played with the chickens. Alex

I liked the hay slide. It was fun. Duke

At the farm I saw chickens in their hutch. Rachael

I liked the pigs and the lambs. Shakira

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