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Middle School SRC Mini World Cup Soccer

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  • 23 Jun, 2017

  The Middle School SRC representatives commenced the year charged with the mission – ‘To FUN-raise!’

After surveying their respective homerooms, an extensive list of ideas was created.

The first event chosen was the Mini World Cup Soccer competition. Students from both Middle and Senior Schools formed teams and came up with their own country representative name.

Competing teams and Captains for Group A – MS teams

Brazil- Bichok

   Argentina –Brodie

  Germany –Nyachang

Australia- Camryn


 Competing teams and Captains for Group B – SS teams

Open Oceans –Noah

  North Korea-Jack


Iwo Jima-Darcy


Games were played over a total of 16 lunchtimes, mostly in the Multi-Purpose Centre, and on the Oval when the MPC was used for exams.

The standard of play was exceptional, with no match ever a walk-over, and low scores indicating tremendous defence skills. Team work and team play was encouraged and applauded.

The Group A Grand final was a playoff between Botswana and Brazil, with Brazil scoring strongly throughout the game. Remi  Year 7 received the Best and Fairest award.

The Group B Grand Final put North Korea and China up against one-another. A late goal by North Korea resulted in a 1:nil win. Kyle Year 9 received the Best and Fairest award.

The MPC was packed with spectators, with the music and commentary team adding to the spectacle.

Presentations included the traditional confetti shower on the players with the winning team members taking away a Canteen voucher for their efforts.

The Middle School SRC members worked consistently and tirelessly in such tasks as making posters and banners, scorekeeping, and general organising.

To embed leadership skills into the event, SRC reps learned to list the tasks required to run an event, delegate and share tasks and to seek feedback for continuous improvement.

I look forward to working on the next FUN-raiser with the Middle School SRC reps!

Glen Strange, Head of Middle School.


Year 12 students commentated the match for students
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