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VCAL Work Placement experiences

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  • 17 Nov, 2017

VCAL student, Hayden recently spent two weeks at Sovereign Hill working the in the Red Hill Photography Shop as part of his work placement requirements.  Hayden wrote the following post about his work placement:

“You can never underestimate the value of an experience in the workforce. For two weeks, I have been working at the Red Hill Photography Shop at Sovereign Hill and I have been able to use two of my passions in the job which are photography and acting in character. I was dressed up as a gentleman and I worked as a customer service officer and what I do is help the customers dress up for their photos and we set them up on our stage to make it look like a photo from that time. The men would dress up as a gentleman, miner, trooper and minister and the ladies would dress up as a traditional lady, evening wear as if they were going to the theatre, a gypsy and a bargirl.

I have been working with a dedicated staff and this job has taught me how to show a lot of leadership qualities which include communication with the staff and customers that walk into the shop, whether they are from different countries around the world, different parts of Australia or just Ballarat citizens, problem solving like when a child doesn’t want to be in the photo and trying to encourage them with lollies or when we are having technical difficulties, professionalism when it comes to staying in character the whole time, by saying phrases like, good morning, sir, ma’am and helping the customers when it comes to dressing them into clothing designed to look like they are from 1850’s Ballarat.

Flexibility is a major part when it comes to helping more than one customer at a time, resourcefulness when you giving out information not only about the prices but also how they took photos back in the era of the Victorian Gold Rush, like that the reason why people didn’t smile was because it took a really long time to take just at least one photo and also because they didn’t have great teeth as they didn’t have toothpaste. The final skill that I have discovered is teamwork as we all have to work together to get the photo taken and to get it ready for the customers. You also have to have a passion and enthusiasm for the work that you do.

My main message to students is to think long and hard about what you would like to do when you leave school, as time will go quickly and to make the most opportunities during your time on work experience.” Hayden, VCAL/Year 12.

While on work placement VCAL student, Hayden was visited by Head of Senior School, Trent Loader
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