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Middle & Senior students compete in WCSSA Softball competition

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  • 03 Nov, 2017
BalCC Middle and Senior students competed in the Western Christian Schools Sports Association (WCSSA) Softball competition this week at the Prince of Wales Park in Lake Gardens . BalCC fielded two squads and competed against Melton Christian College, with our boy’s squad coming back victorious in their games.

The girl’s squad:

Year 8: Elle-Mae, Freya, Lydia, Yaya, Lara, Emma.

Year 9: Lisa, Paige, Samantha, Hannah.

Year 10: Caitlin, Emily and Maddi.


The boy’s squad:

Year 9: Mitchell, Jesse, Matthew, Kyle.

Year 10: Drew, Yual, Noah, Daniel, Elliot, Joel, Jarrod.

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