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Year 1 Sleepover

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  • 01 Dec, 2017

The Year 1 students enjoyed a sleepover at BalCC last week. During their overnight camp the students participated in a range of activities

based on science and technology topics, as well as other fun games and a movie.

Here are some of the Year 1 students writing pieces about camp:


On Thursday afternoon at the sleepover my favourite thing was that we watched a movie and I was like where did anyone go it was so much fun. Joseph

On Thursday night year one had a sleepover at school my favourite thing was Lilo and Stitch. Jordan


At the sleepover my favourite thing was the movie Lilo and Stitch. Ethan


At the sleepover my favourite thing was having the pizza and the zupadopas and the SkyView app and the movie. It was the best day of my life!   Elijah


My favourite part of the sleepover was watching Lilo and Stitch and brushing our teeth!   Jonah


My favourite thing at the sleepover for dinner I had pizza I liked going on the bus on the way to go to gymnastics.   Brielle


At the sleepover we watched a movie and the movie was called do you Lio and Stitch me and Izzy played Basketball me and Izzy was on the same team and Addelyn sleep next to me. Martha


At Sleepover I liked when we played outside early in the morning on Friday with no socks or shoes that was the best, best, best time ever I love that part it was super. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious and didn’t Monday and didn’t I did not forget to take my things and I was at Grana and poppas House. Nathan


My favourite thing was at the sleepovers was eating pizza and Playing and Everything. Addelyn


On Thursday after school we had a sleepover I really liked it because we had pizza for dinner after dinner we watch the movie called. Lilo and Stitch after the movie. Nyalat


On Tuesday my favourite thing about the sleepover is the pizza and the fruit and the icy pole and the Bible books we got to read.   Xyianda

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