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Year 12 Biology Excursion - University of Melbourne

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  • 15 Sep, 2017

The Year 12 Biology class recently went on an excursion to The University of Melbourne in Parkvillle. The students used equipment at the University to conduct experiments and used the findings in two of their School assessed coursework (SACs).

Jessica, Year 12 Biology – Investigating the Building Blocks of Us  – “Last week the year 12 Biology class went to the Gene Technology Access Centre (GTAC), a branch of The University of Melbourne, to investigate the influence that modern day scientists can have on the genetics of jellyfish, chickens and bacteria. The study was in preparation for a SAC we had to complete when we came back to school, but we enjoyed having the opportunity to travel together.

Over the course of the day, we used a centrifuge, gel electrophoresis machine, and a lot of bacteria. We were taught how to alter the genetic code of bacteria to give it strength against antibiotics or even a luminescent green colour when exposed to UV light and we benefited from the personal mentoring with PHD students. During our lunch break we indulged in some wonderful food, soaked up magnificent architecture, and experienced a glimpse into a possible future at The University of Melbourne.

Being a few minutes late for the train home was a great blessing in disguise, as it gave us all a chance to enjoy Southern Cross station’s atmosphere and the stores together. Altogether, it was a day of fun, personal growth, and togetherness!”

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