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Year 12 Graduation Ceremony

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  • 27 Oct, 2017

The Year 12 Graduation Ceremony was held this week. The Ceremony was attended by the Junior, Middle and Senior school students, staff, and parents and relatives of the graduating Year 12 class.

The Year 12 students were walked in and out of the Graduation Ceremony with a Prep student they have been partnered with at the commencement of the school year. On their first day the 2017 Prep students were shown around the school by their Year 12 student partner.

The Year 12 students were presented with a certificate, sash and a book by Principal, Michael Stewart.  The students also had the opportunity to make a short speech and this was taken up by students Lachlan, Tareeque, Louis, Jeremy, Josiah, Paige, Hayden, and Genevieve.

Speeches were also made by the College Captains, Isaac and Brooke.

Two of the departing year 12 students, Jeremy and Matthew have been students at BalCC since Prep.

Principal Stewart spoke on the theme “God will never leave you or forsake you”. This year Principal Stewart had the opportunity to be more directly involved in the Year 12’s education when he taught the VCE Business Studies class for four weeks, and attended a behind the scenes tour of Etihad Stadium with the students. He also met regularly with the College Captains and Vice-Captains.

In closing Principal Stewart said “ Now as you finish your last formal day of schooling some of you will be finishing off vocational certificate courses and some of you will in the next few weeks be sitting VCE exams. We wish you well for these. Above all we wish you well for the days of life’s journey ahead and that you will know God’s presence near to you on this wonderful journey. Year 12, today we salute you, today we congratulate you on your graduation and today we thank you for sharing part of your lives with us.”

We wish all our Year 12 students well and pray for them as they leave BalCC and commence their careers and studies.

VCE exams will be held from 1-22 November 2017.

The Year 12 students were walked in and out of the Graduation Ceremony by Prep students they had been partnered with for the year
L-R: College Captains – Brooke and Isaac and College Vice-Captains – Tareeque and Genevieve with their Prep partners Asha, Alexandra, Nikolai and Lillian.
College Captains Brooke and Isaac both gave speeches at the Graduation Ceremony
After receiving their sash and certificate the Year 12 students were given the opportunity to make a short speech. The following students gave speeches: L-R: Back row – Louis, Jeremy, Paige, Josiah and Hayden. Front row – Lachlan, Genevieve and Tareeque.
Principal, Michael Stewart presents Year 12 student, Samuel with his certificate and sash
Head of Junior School, Ken Nuridin with Year 12 students, Matthew (left) and Jeremy. Both students have been at BalCC since Prep have been taught by Mr Nuridin during their time in the Junior School.
L-R: College Captains – Isaac and Brooke with College Vice-Captains – Genevieve and Tareeque
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