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Year 12 History Roadshow

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  • 01 Sep, 2017

Students from the Year 12 History (Revolutions) class had the opportunity this week to participate in the Ballarat History Roadshow 2017 program.  Students took part in a career pathways session, ‘Where Can History Take You?’ The other two sessions were based on current coursework on the French Revolution and were presented by the Heritage Council of Victoria.

Louis, Year 12 History (Revolutions) - “On Thursday 31st August, the Year 12 History students, accompanied by the legendary Mrs. Laursen and Mr. Darby, travelled to Ballarat High School for the annual History Roadshow seminar, run by the Heritage Council of Victoria. There, we were presented with a panel of senior historians and educators who told of us of how their careers began out of a love and interest for history, and what they do now as a result of their passion. Afterwards, we partook in a series of lectures on the causes and consequences of the French Revolution, presented by Professor Peter McPhee, a well-regarded historian and lecturer at the University of Melbourne. We were all very grateful for him coming up to Ballarat to help consolidate our knowledge and interpretations of the French Revolution, and how it helped to reshape France into what it is today. We young, budding historians are certain that his informative sessions will bode us well leading into the November examination.”

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