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Year 3 letters arrive at Sparsh Academy, India

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  • 10 Nov, 2017

In August our Year 3 students wrote letters to students at Sparsh Academy in India. The letters were delivered by BalCC parent, Krissy Withers during a recent visit to Sparsh Academy.

Sparsh Academy is a not for profit school with an aim to impart Christian love among the Garhwali people of India.

BalCC is dedicated to a partnership with Sparsh Academy to uplift the school both spiritually and financially to support underprivileged children through education and a nutritional program.

Raising money for Sparsh Academy is achieved by fundraising at BalCC by students, teachers and donations from parents.

A BBQ will be held at the Art Show on Thursday, 16th November between 6:00-8:00pm to help raise funds for Sparsh Academy.

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