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Year 4 & 5 History box incursion

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  • 30 Jun, 2017

On Monday 26th June our Year 4 and 5 students participated in fun, interactive history sessions provided by History Box, a Ballarat based company.

The students enjoyed sessions about the ‘First Fleet and Early Settlement’ and ‘Gold and Eureka’. The hands-on, interactive sessions complemented the work being covered in Integrated Studies. As well as being able to handle artefacts and participate in games and activities from around the time of Early Settlement the students also heard how the first colony developed, stories of the convicts arriving on the First Fleet and reasons for settlement in Australia.

The History Box travels to all schools throughout Metropolitan and country Victoria conducting 60 - 90 minute presentation/ workshops with “hands-on” activities that engage all students, and cover a wide range of Australian and World history topics suitable for Foundation (Prep) to Year 9 and aligned with the Victorian and Australian curriculum. Special programs are available for Kindergartens.

Following are some of the comments from the Year 4 students:

In History Box Barry and Cynda were the people that came to our school. The year 5’s came into our class and we learned that the Gold Rush was not organised. We covered most things about the First Fleet and we also did lots of fun activities. I liked love tokens made out of clay.     Caitlin

I think that Peter Lalor was a man of dignity and trust and I think he’s a great role model. I thought that some of the artefacts were exquisite and I loved the smell of the crushed spices. I loved these lessons and can’t wait ‘til next year. Jade

My favourite thing was learning about the Gold Rush and how they found gold, and that when they found gold they said, “Eureka!” I thought about – why did the miners have to have licenses to find gold?  Timothy

My favourite was Chinese ink writing because it was fun. Cynda and Barry taught us how to use a Chinese ink set. We rubbed charcoal in a small bowl, then we mixed a little bit of water with it, then we started writing. I wrote ‘rain, rain, strong rain’.  Maddie

Ngaka Ngaka is a fun game. It’s a bit like noughts and crosses. We made spices.  Ashley

We played Ngaka Ngaka which means ‘look-look’ in English. Barry and Cynda told us about the First Fleet and the Gold Rush.  Eden

I love Cynda and Barry because they make boring things into fun and interesting things… come back soon Cynda and Barry!  Isabel

My favourite part was when I got to dress up as Captain Arthur Phillip and it was really funny. Cynda got a small and old pulley and told us that Arthur Phillip lost his tooth by the pulley falling and knocking it out. Zia

I thought it was funny to see some people dress up as Lola Montez and lots of other people. Also the word ‘Eureka’ meant ‘I found it!’                 Ruby

People dressed up as Peter Lalor, Anastasia Hayes, Lola Montez, Captain Arthur Phillip, John Hudson, red coats and someone dressed up as a Chinese miner! We ground spices, wrote Chinese calligraphy and played Ngaka Ngaka. I had fun!  Patch


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