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Year 5 Graduation Ceremony

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  • 24 Nov, 2017

Shine Your Light was the theme for the Year 5 Graduation this week. As the students entered the Graduation Ceremony to the song, Alive a slideshow of their past year at BalCC was played to the assembled Junior School, parents, relatives and friends.

Each Year 5 student addressed the assembly and were presented with a certificate and book, before Pastor Steve Shaw and Year 5 Homeroom teacher, Julie Gall prayed over the students as they enter Middle School next year.

Musical and dance items were presented by the Year 5 students, before they burst through a banner they’d made and decorated, and performed in t-shirts they had tie dyed themselves in Art class.

Thank you to the following teachers for being involved in with the Year 5 students this year: Julie Gall, Alan Kirkman, Glenda Brown, Melissa O’Hara, Kylie Weightman and Carolyn Morrison. A special thanks goes to Miss O’Hara for organising an inspiring Graduation Ceremony and to the Year 5 students - congratulations on graduating Junior School and for your amazing speeches and performances.

Teacher, Melissa O'Hara introduces the Year 5 students final performance piece, Shine.
Head of Junior School, Ken Nuridin presents Year 5 student, Darcy with his graduating certificate
Year 5 teacher, Alan Kirkman and student, Darcy
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